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How Does Everything Work?

step1Choose a service

Select a product or service from our website. You can buy Pokemon GO account or you can let us play your account and we’ll level your trainer as well as catch rare Pokemon!

Get instant service

As soon as payment is processed, you’ll instantly receive details about the service you chose. If you bought a Pokemon GO account, you’ll get login details instantly!

Proceed to checkout

Have you decided which product or service to buy? Then proceed to the checkout and have your PayPal account ready to go!

Enjoy the perks!

Bought a Pokemon GO account? You can immediately login with the provided account! Bought a helping hand to your own account? Expect an output in as early as 48 hours!


Pick the Pokemon GO account that best suits you!

Want to hit the ground running in Pokemon GO? Browse our selection of pre-leveled Pokemon GO accounts and start things off on the right foot. Choose an account level that fits in with your preferences. If you want a simple boost at the beginning, choose a Level 15! But if you want to directly butt heads at Gyms, choose Level 30!

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Maybe no pokemon, just 5+ Lures and Level 20 account

✅ LEVEL 20
✅ Stardust
✅ Random Pokemon – maybe none
✅ Choose your OWN team
✅ Unused Incense & Lure Module

Do not use any 3rd party programs on your phone to check IV’s, uninstall them from your phone before logging in or your account will be banned within 24hours.

$14.99 $9.99
Out of StockOrder Now!

How to log in with received account:
1. Launch Pokemon GO
2. Select the Pokemon Club Login.
3. Login with your news credentials.


Not an account for good pokemon. Just level 30, stardust and items.

✅ LEVEL 30
✅ Many Stardust
✅ Random Pokemon – maybe none
✅ Choose your OWN team | Choose your OWN name
✅ Unused Incense & Lure Module

Do not use any 3rd party programs on your phone to check IV’s, uninstall them from your phone before logging in or your account will be banned within 24hours.

$24.99 $19.99
In StockOrder Now!

How to log in with received account:
1. Launch Pokemon GO
2. Select the Pokemon Club Login.
3. Login with your news credentials.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility over any accounts if they are disabled for your own doing. We offer 7 days warranty on all our accounts if banned for reasons outside of your control. We will only replace at this stage. Make sure you understand the risk before buying.

Note: Accounts remain property of Niantic/Nintendo, you are simply paying for the time it takes/took to play on the account and to reach it’s desired level.

king-ballWhy Choose PokeGO King?

Instant Delivery

Have your Pokemon GO account delivered instantly! No need to worry about additional steps. Once payment has been made, expect your account in a few minutes!

Quick & Easy Payment

Just provide your correct PayPal account details upon checkout and everything should go smoothly! No registrations required and certainly no funny business!

Quality Services & Accounts

We don’t give out broken Pokemon GO accounts. Get the most with your money with only the best available accounts and the best players to play your account!

Great Support

Need help with the account or service you bought? Contact us and we’ll attend to your concern as soon as possible!


No time to level your Pokemon GO account? We can do it for you!


Account Leveling

  • Required XP needed for each level can be seen here XP Leveling Chart

    • 9.99 $

Out Of Stock

Coming Soon



Having trouble catching rare Pokemon? We’ll hunt and catch them in your place!


Rare Pokemon

    • 29.99 $

    Enter your Pokemon GO Google or PTC account below

Out Of Stock

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Yes. The website is secured by SSL encryption and we only do transactions via PayPal. Your Pokemon Go and PayPal account details are safe with us — we’ll take extra care to keep them away from unwanted eyes.

You’ll get it instantly. Ten minutes is already a long wait for you. To ensure a quick and seamless transaction, always double-check the info you provide.

For catching rare Pokemon, expect to receive them in as early as 48 hours. For account leveling, it may take anywhere from 7 to 14 days, depending on the amount of experience that you require. We’ll notify you as soon as the job is done.

If we’re using your account to catch rare Pokemon and boost your levels, you may not login from your end. No need to check up on us while we do our job — just sit back, relax, and wait for our notification. Playing your account at the same time may result in unintended in-game consequences.

Although Pokemon CP is reliant on trainer level, we can’t catch Pokemon with the exact number of CP you’d want. It’s still randomized.

No. As of the moment, we don’t offer egg hatching and PokeStop farming services.

Technically, no. There are region-exclusive Pokemon and the legendaries aren’t available yet. But we can help you catch Pokemon to make your Pokedex as close to completion as possible. Simply avail of our rare Pokemon catching service.

You may exchange the Pokemon GO account you bought provided that it’s still untouched and unaltered. No full refunds, though. For other services, once we start work on your account, all payments will be set in stone.

At the moment, we only accept PayPal, but expect more options to be available down the line.


 Customer Reviews

Amazing customer service!

I didn’t understand their services at first, but their customer support patiently attended to me! Very helpful and easy to talk to.




Very quick service!

I didn’t have to leave my computer and the Pokemon GO account I bought arrived quickly without hassle!




The prices are affordable!

For a fairly competitive price, my account got a huge experience boost in a short amount of time! They sure know how to grind for EXP!




Rare Pokemon galore!

Had trouble finding rare Pokemon by myself. They did it for me in record time! Money absolutely well-spent!




Quick and painless process

After I bought an account, I didn’t even have to wait for the email, the account details were right there on screen after coming back from PayPal.




Got exactly what was described + more!

Bought an account and received what I was promised PLUS received a high level CP Dragonite which was a big bonus! Thank you




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