Bug-types Don’t Get Much Love in Pokemon Go

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Bug-type Pokemon are, arguably, the least heralded Pokemon in the first-gen games, Pokemon Red and Blue. It also doesn’t help that one particular Bug-type is as notorious as the legendary Magikarp in the Useless Pokemon Department. That Pokemon is Metapod, a Pokemon forever attached to the move “Harden” in the same manner Magikarp is linked to “Splash.” Although in Magikarp’s defense, its signature move is now a lot more useful thanks to the “Z-Moves” feature in Pokemon Sun and Moon, the latest games in the series.

Anyway, back to Bug-types. There are only 12 Bug-types in Pokemon Go, and only six of those are fully evolved. Not surprisingly, they can be found in areas where there are lots of grass lying around. Bug-types are commonly found in parks. Farmlands are a good place to hunt for Bug-types, too. Unless you live in a city exclusively populated by tall buildings with no sight of anything green, you shouldn’t have any trouble locating Bug-types.

Not the best-looking bunch

pokemon.wikia.com / TV Tokyo / The Pokemon Company
pokemon.wikia.com / TV Tokyo / The Pokemon Company

Bugs are animals not exactly known for their good looks. We’re talking about the real ones here and not the Bug-types in Pokemon Go. Yes, there are very colorful bugs, too. But the majority of them would make you want to stay clear of them simply because they look like they’re out to bite you. Unfortunately, Game Freak and Nintendo were faithful to the little critters, design-wise. Seriously, a big-ass bee with an equally huge stinger? No, thank you.

Except for Scyther which looks like Kha’Zix from League of Legends, none of the first-gen Bug-types in Pokemon Go look cool. They all just look like…well, insects. Insects injected with giant serum, maybe. Actually, when the second-gen arrives, Scyther will evolve into an even cooler-looking Pokemon – Scizor. There are now dozens of fully evolved Bug-types in the current Pokedex, but all of them pale in comparison to Scizor. But most Bug-types don’t compare to Pokemon of other types, design-wise.

Bad moves

The biggest downfall of Bug-types in the first-gen games was the lack of a power move or even a go-to move like “Ice Beam” for Ice-types and “Flamethrower” for Fire-types. Due to this, they couldn’t take full advantage of STAB or Same-Type Attack Bonus, which caused them to rely on moves of different types, and even then, their choices were limited.

Fortunately, Niantic included moves from other generations of Pokemon games in Pokemon Go, despite only featuring the first-gen Pokemon. Due to this, Bug-types in Pokemon Go has access to the move “X-Scissor.” It can be argued that the move is their signature move in the game. Well, that or “Bug Buzz.” If you also played the Digimon video games, X-Scissor might ring a bell. The powerful bug Digimon GranKuwagamon has a signature move called “X-Scissor Claw.” Guess that’s a thing among bugs.

pokemon.wikia.com / TV Tokyo / The Pokemon Company
pokemon.wikia.com / TV Tokyo / The Pokemon Company

However, the very powerful Bug-type move “Megahorn” is not available to Bug-types in Pokemon Go yet. It’s signature to Heracross, the second-gen Pokemon that’s often considered as one of, if not the most powerful non-legendary Bug-type Pokemon. In the main games, Megahorn is essentially the Bug-type equivalent of the move “Fire Blast,” and we all know how powerful that is. Before you argue: Yes, Parasect does have access to the powerful “Solar Beam” – it’s a half-Bug, half-Grass Pokemon. But of the six fully evolved Bug-types in Pokemon Go, Parasect is the weakest. So that kind of balances things out.

Type strengths and weaknesses

Bug-types easily fall prey to Flying-type, Fire-type and Rock-type moves. It’s curious that Fighting-type moves aren’t super effective on Bug-types, though. Don’t you think Machamp’s hulking muscles could easily crush the life out of a Butterfree? Okay, that’s pretty brutal. Anyway, Fire-type and Rock-type moves are extremely common in the main games, especially in competitive battling. This is the reason why Bug-types don’t get much love when the stakes are high.

On the flip side, Bug-types make very good counters to Psychic-types and Dark-types. Well, at least on paper. All fully evolved Bug-types in Pokemon Go have secondary types – except for Pinsir, the most powerful Bug-type in the game. The second type exposes them to more weaknesses. For example, Slowbro and Jynx can easily freeze Scyther with “Ice Beam” and “Ice Punch,” respectively, due to its Flying subtype. Starmie also has access to “Power Gem,” a Rock-type move. The good news is that Alakazam doesn’t have access to the elemental punches in Pokemon Go, too.

Pinsir or Scyther?

pokemon.wikia.com / TV Tokyo / The Pokemon Company
pokemon.wikia.com / TV Tokyo / The Pokemon Company

Because of its higher CP potential, Pinsir is listed as the most powerful Bug-type in Pokemon Go. But Scyther is still pretty darn powerful, too. Both are rare encounters, but you can easily buy a Pokemon Go account with them already caught. Let’s take a look at their move sets to better compare these top two Bug-types.

  • For Quick Attacks, both have “Fury Cutter,” a Bug Pokemon standard. Pinsir has “Rock Smash,” a Fighting-type move, to fend off Rock-types. Scyther has “Steel Wing,” a Steel-type move, to counter Rock-types, too. But the bad news for Pinsir is that, in Pokemon Go, Fighting-type moves aren’t super effective on Rock-types like in the main games. Steel-type moves, on the other hand, are not only super effective on Rock-types in Pokemon Go, but on Ice-types, too. So Scyther has the upper hand here. Remember, it’s also half-Flying, making it weak to Ice-types.
  • For Charge Attacks, both have “X-Scissor.” Pinsir has “Vice Grip,” a Normal-type move, and “Submission,” another Fighting-type move. As for Scyther, it has “Bug Buzz” and “Night Slash,” a Dark-type move. This one’s fairly obvious, too. Scyther is the better counter against Psychic-types due to Night Slash. Scyther is Jynx’s worst nightmare, courtesy of Night Slash and Steel Wing.

There you have it. It’s pretty clear that Scyther has the advantage in moves over Pinsir. The latter may be more powerful, but Scyther is more useful in battle. And it’s also infinitely cooler-looking. Pinsir plainly looks hideous.

Until Heracross, Scizor, and the other Bug-types from other generations arrive in Pokemon Go, Bug-types won’t likely be in the spotlight anytime soon. But don’t worry; once you get your hands on the uber-cool Scizor, you’ll forget all the bad things mentioned about Bug-types above. Scizor is that awesome.

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