Normal-type Pokemon: Are They Really Just Ordinary?

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Thanks to the 18 Pokemon types in Pokemon Go and the franchise as a whole, Pokemon have come in various forms and sizes that best represent their type, or types for dual-type Pokemon. There is the terrifying elegance embodied by the mythical Dragon Pokemon; the all-knowing mystic presence carried by Psychic Pokemon; the intimidating factor held by Fighting Pokemon; and the haunting appearance plastered on faces of Ghost Pokemon.


And then there’s the Normal type, which is represented by Pokemon that appear ordinary and, well, normal. Normal-type Pokemon don’t exactly scare anyone when it comes to type coverages. Normal-type moves don’t deal more damage to any other type, but they deal less damage to Steel and Rock Pokemon, because apparently they are too bland and lack power to make a dent on fortified Pokemon skin. Confusingly, Normal Pokemon are weak to Fighting-type moves, because…well, it’s a video game, so some things are never explained. Moving on. Since Normal-type moves don’t hold any affinity to any sort of element, they can’t touch Ghost Pokemon, but neither can Ghost Pokemon touch them – they’re immune to each other. Of course, Pokemon Go has removed type immunities, so the Normal type has lost its biggest defensive advantage.


However, like the famous Magikarp and Gyarados, there’s more to Normal-type Pokemon than meets the eye. Some of them are actually quite powerful and useful in battle – both in the main Pokemon games and in Pokemon Go. Let’s take a look at some of the more notable Normal-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go.




Okay, this cat Pokemon isn’t exactly the most powerful Normal-type in existence, but when it comes to popularity, it inarguably takes the cake. Meowth is heavily featured in the Pokemon TV series as the sidekick of the Team Rocket duo Jesse & James and is known for being able to speak the human language. Battle-wise, Meowth has displayed on numerous occasions that it’s quite capable of holding its own. But in the Pokemon games, Meowth doesn’t really hold much interest, even when it’s evolved to the more classy-looking Persian. Frankly speaking, there are other more powerful Normal-type Pokemon than Persian.




Similar to Meowth, Chansey is also prominently featured in the Pokemon TV show as the nurse assistant in every Pokemon Center – a place where injured Pokemon are miraculously healed in just a few seconds. In the games, Chansey possesses an extremely high HP, which makes it quite a handful to take down, especially in the main Pokemon games in which it has access to an annoying HP recovery move. Its physical fragility, defense-wise, is perfectly complemented by its high HP, although its staying power is somewhat nullified by its inability to swiftly take out the Pokemon it’s giving a hard time to, no thanks to its low attack. In the second-gen games, Gold & Silver, Chansey evolves into a Pokemon, Blissey, which has even more HP to whittle down!




Porygon is a Pokemon that looks like a toy borne from a lab experiment. Actually, Porygon is mentioned here simply because of its odd design, because it’s not exactly notable for its battle prowess, no thanks to Pokemon Go giving Pokemon only two moves to utilize – Porygon’s biggest advantage in the main games is its access to a diverse selection of moves. But it’s worth mentioning that Porygon, unlike most Normal-type Pokemon, specializes in special attacks instead of physical ones.




Like the five legendary Pokemon in the original games, Ditto is still missing-in-action in Pokemon Go – nobody has yet to encounter this pink blob anywhere in the world, which begs the question whether it will eventually come via a special event. Ditto only knows one move in the main Pokemon games: Transform. And as its name implies, the move allows Ditto to transform into whatever Pokemon it is up against. Yes, Ditto will also be able to use that Pokemon’s moves, although their power will be based on Ditto’s stats, which aren’t exactly eye-popping.



Pokemon Go Eevee

Eevee is arguably the most unique Pokemon in existence, but not because of its base Normal-type form. Its uniqueness comes in the form of its numerous final evolution forms, which are popularly known to fans as the “Eeveelutions”. Eevee is the only Pokemon to have more than two final forms – everyone else has either one or two. Each of Eevee’s eight – yes, eight – evolved forms represent a single type from the 18 types and each one of them has a very specific evolution requirement in the main Pokemon games. Thankfully, though, evolution has been simplified in Pokemon Go, although you can instead buy a Pokemon Go account if you don’t want to repeatedly hunt Eevee.




Snorlax is the notorious sleeping Pokemon that always has a penchant for blocking paths in the main Pokemon games. But don’t be fooled by its sleepy nature; it’s one of the most powerful Normal-type Pokemon that can easily go head-to-head with a legendary Pokemon. Snorlax has very high HP, although not on the level of Chansey, and is complemented by a very high attack. Its greatest weakness – speed – is nullified in Pokemon Go, thanks to the omission of the traditional core Pokemon stats. If you ever manage to train a Snorlax to the max, especially with excellent Individual Values (IVs), don’t think twice about leaving it behind a Gym for defense – it won’t let you down. Snorlax is sort of a tank, and if you want to learn more about tank-like game characters, you can buy a League of Legends account and check out its lineup of tank champions.


Do Normal-type Pokemon reside in normal-looking places, too?

Well, yes, actually. Normal-type Pokemon can be found everywhere in Pokemon Go, although Snorlax and Chansey are one of the rarer encounters. And they’re incredibly useful, too, especially Pidgey. Yeah, you read that right – Pidgey. The bird Pokemon is best used when racking up EXP, thanks to its low requirement for evolution – you can repeatedly catch Pidgey to earn EXP and then use the Candies to repeatedly evolve it, which translates to even more EXP. Additionally, there are also three region-exclusive Normal-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go, a treatment that not every other type can claim for themselves.

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