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Pokemon Go Region-Exclusive Pokemon Details

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In case you haven’t touched any of the main Pokemon games in your lifetime, they usually come in pairs – Red & Blue, Gold & Silver, Ruby & Sapphire, Diamond & Pearl, Black & White and the sequels, X & Y, and the upcoming Sun & Moon. The first four generations also featured a special third edition: Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum, respectively. The main feature of having different versions of the same game is the availability of certain Pokemon exclusive to only one version, which promotes players to interact with other players in the real world to acquire said exclusive Pokemon or, for players with fatter wallets, buy both versions of the game. The Pokedex can only be completed by acquiring version-exclusive Pokemon from other people, too. There are other things affected by having different versions, such as different antagonists or a different featured legendary Pokemon (the ones in the game covers).

Pokemon Red and Blue

Although Pokemon Go was not released into two different versions like the first-gen games, it also features exclusivity to certain Pokemon – four of them to be exact. However, the method of acquiring them, either for Pokedex completion or battle purposes, is much more complex. How complex? Well, it “only” requires players to travel to different continents. Yes, not cities or towns. Continents. Let’s take a look at the four Pokemon that will require you to buy plane tickets and a visa.




Tauros is a bull Pokemon which most likely had its name derived from the Spanish word “toro”. In the first-gen games, Tauros can only be found in one location: the Safari Zone, which is also home to other rare Pokemon like the elusive Dragon Pokemon. It’s one of the most difficult Pokemon to catch in the Safari Zone, quickly running away after just one Pokeball thrown at its angry face. In Pokemon Go, Tauros is exclusive to the continent of America, although at the moment it’s not yet confirmed if they also appear in South America. Thankfully, though, Tauros is not that hard to encounter for players in North America, at least relative to the first-gen games. They can be found almost everywhere, with more frequency in areas with deserts or rodeo-related places. Players that live in the state of Texas most likely get frequent visits from the bull Pokemon, as well as those in Arizona and Nevada.




This one’s the most obvious among the four region-exclusive Pokemon. Kangaskhan is exclusive to the continent of Australia in Pokemon Go, although it’s still being confirmed if New Zealand or the entire Oceania region is included in the exclusivity. They appear frequently in parks. Australia is famous for its kangaroos, so it doesn’t really require genius-level intellect to guess why Kangaskhan is exclusive to the area – its infant pouch is a dead giveaway. The first-gen games also had Kangaskhan in a somewhat exclusive zone, appearing only in the Safari Zone, similar to Tauros. And like Tauros, they’re also quite difficult to catch, although they’re not quick to flee like the bull Pokemon. Kangaskhan is one of the more used Pokemon in the main games, solely because of its diverse set of moves, which translates to an unpredictability advantage.


Mr. Mime

Mr Mime

Most Pokemon are based on animals, like Arcanine, Persian, Golbat, and Blastoise built in the image of a dog, cat, bat, and tortoise, respectively. Nintendo has usually followed the same formula and will most likely continue doing so for the next generation of Pokemon games. Considering that, Mr. Mime is a bit of an anomaly in that it’s a bipedal humanoid Pokemon. Actually, it can easily be mistaken for a human in costume (probably for a birthday party or something). And in fact, Mr. Mime is based on a human profession: a mime artist. If you’ve been watching a lot of movies set in France, then you probably know where Mr. Mime is exclusive to. The mime Pokemon can only be found in Europe – yes, including the U.K.  – and is most frequently seen in a city proper or city center, just like how mime artists would populate areas with a lot of people gathered. In the first-gen games, only one Mr. Mime can be acquired, which is through an in-game trade with a non-playable character (NPC).




This stick-carrying bird Pokemon is considered as the weakest of the region-exclusive Pokemon, both in Pokemon Go and in the other main Pokemon games regardless of generation. They are exclusive to Asia, with Japan and South Korea reportedly having a ton of them flying around in parks and cities. It’s still unclear whether they appear in the entire Asia continent, or just in Southeast Asian countries. Relatively speaking, Farfetch’d is the most accessible of the four region-exclusive Pokemon since most Southeast Asian countries don’t require visas. So players only have to worry about ticket prices and, of course, actually passing through customs.  In Pokemon Red and Blue, Farfetch’d is acquired through an in-game trade, similar to Mr. Mime (in-game trades don’t require you to link with other friends, by the way). But in Pokemon Yellow, players can simply encounter Farfetch’d in the wild.


Are there other options to acquire region-exclusive Pokemon?

Egg Hatching

Yes. Theoretically speaking, players can acquire any of the four region-exclusive Pokemon through eggs, although that would involve a lot of luck and possibly a lot of prayers to happen. As of this writing, Niantic hasn’t confirmed that all four Pokemon are indeed available through Pokemon eggs, regardless of where the player is located. Another way to acquire the region-exclusive Pokemon is to buy a Pokemon Go account with any or all of them already caught. Niantic could similarly employ the same region-exclusivity to the legendary Pokemon still absent in the game. If players are not all that tempted to spend big money on the current region-exclusive Pokemon, perhaps the legendary Pokemon will give a rather tempting offer that they can’t refuse. Niantic will undoubtedly feature more region-exclusive Pokemon with future additions of the other 600+ Pokemon. So if you think that’s not worth the money, why not buy a League of Legends account and invest your money on your favorite characters instead?

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