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Water Type: The Most Special Pokemon Type

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The Pokemon series started off with 15 Pokemon Types, with an additional two introduced in the second-gen games (Steel and Dark) and then another one (Fairy) much later in the sixth-gen games. This puts the current number to a whopping 18 Types, which will carry on until at least the eighth-gen games roll around. Well, unless Nintendo pulls off a Wailord-sized surprise in the upcoming Pokemon Sun & Moon and introduces a new Type, which is highly unlikely.

Out of the 18 Types, the Water-type stands as the most unique, but not because it owns the most powerful Pokemon in its roster or it has the most number of resistances. The Water-type boasts the most number of Pokemon overall including dual-types and Legendary Pokemon. In Pokemon GO alone, which uses the first-gen roster as of this moment, there are 32 Water-type Pokemon – 16 of them are fully-evolved.


Are they powerful in combat?

Battle-wise, Water-type Pokemon obviously lord over Fire-type Pokemon, easily dousing their fiery flames, as well as drowning all Ground- and Rock-type Pokemon. The only real threats to Water-type Pokemon are Electric-type Pokemon, but thankfully there aren’t many of them yet in Pokemon GO. In fact, the most powerful one of them is not yet available in the game. As for Grass-type Pokemon, they are not really known to be offensive powerhouses, except maybe Exeggutor, although Solar Beam hurts a lot no matter where it comes from.


Hydro Pump is still the most powerful move for Water-type Pokemon, similar to the first-gen games. Meanwhile, Surf – which is generally considered one of the most reliable Water-type moves – is curiously absent in Pokemon GO. Stat-wise, Water-type Pokemon are generally average in offense (Gyarados is a notable exception), with their strength usually found in Defense and Stamina.


Where can you find them?

Obviously, Water-type Pokemon can be found near bodies of water. They can be lakes, ponds, beaches, and rivers. In the main games, Water-type Pokemon are usually found by using fishing rods. Yes, you can even fish the heavyweight Gyarados – don’t ask how’s that possible. The fishing process can be frustrating sometimes, especially in latter generations. Fortunately for you, Pokemon GO doesn’t require you to fish for Water-type Pokemon anymore.


You can encounter them the same way as other Pokemon by simply walking around, although you may have to wet your feet in some cases. Since Water-type Pokemon can be found near bodies of water, they can be one of the more dangerous to catch. You might accidentally fall off a river or lake if you’re being careless, especially if a rare one pops up.


The most notable Water-type Pokemon

Due to their sheer number in Pokemon GO, we’ll only list down the most notable Water-type Pokemon. We’ve already covered Blastoise, Gyarados and Vaporeon extensively before, so those three won’t be listed here again.



Let’s start off with the most powerful in the Water-type tier…which isn’t even a pure Water-type. Lapras is a hybrid Water/Ice Pokemon that’s unique in the first-gen games in that it can only be acquired once. As in you can only get one of it, unless you trade from your friends. This is no longer the case in Pokemon GO, although Lapras is still a rare find. Of course, you can easily have someone catch it for you if you’re not fond of watery areas. Lapras boasts a very high Stamina, with its Attack and Defense stats almost equal in power.



These two Rock/Water hybrids are listed here together simply because in the first-gen games, one of them can’t be acquired if you chose the other. Of course, in Pokemon GO you don’t have to worry about losing out on one of them. Because of their two Types, Omastar and Kabutops are also vulnerable to Ground-type and Fighting-type moves – two of the most powerful. Kabutops is the more offense-oriented of the two, but you probably guessed that already thanks to its blade-arms.



In the main Pokemon games, this Psychic/Water Pokemon is considered as one of the more powerful Water Pokemon, thanks to its high Speed and Special Attack stats, and its access to a large pool of moves. In the competitive battling scene, Starmie is popularly known as the “Death Star”. However, Pokemon GO has a different gameplay, with a different set of stats, so Starmie has lost its dominance. On the bright side, the lack of traditional stats covered Starmie’s pitiful defensive capabilities, but not by much.



This weird-looking Pokemon is the only Water-type that comes with a secondary Fighting-type in Pokemon GO. Actually, you can get that simply by looking at its clenched fists and angry eyes. But despite its secondary Type, which is typically offense-oriented, Poliwrath possesses a higher Defense base stat than Attack in Pokemon GO. Also, thanks to its secondary Type, Poliwrath can be similarly found near gyms and stadiums similar to other Fighting-type Pokemon.



Thanks to its scary-looking eyes, pincers, tentacles, and red orbs, Tentacruel is arguably the most fearsome of all the first-gen Water-type Pokemon, more than the perpetually-angry Gyarados. And that’s saying a lot. In the main games, Tentacruel relies more on technical tactics instead – like poisoning its foes and stalling, which it was able to do thanks to its defenses. In Pokemon GO, Tentacruel retains its high defense stat, although it must exclusively rely now on damaging moves. The shift to a full 3D sprite did not make it any less scary, though. It’s even scarier than some of the Champions in League of Legends.



Seadra is worth mentioning here only because it evolves into a Dragon Pokemon – Kingdra – but only when the second-gen arrives. As itself, Seadra doesn’t really hold much interest, unless a seahorse is your favorite marine animal.



We close this article with one of the most recognizable Pokemon. Psyduck is the pre-evolved form of Golduck, which forever sits in the shadow of this always-confused Water Pokemon. Psyduck is very popular thanks to its prominence in the Pokemon TV show where it is shown to be capable of unleashing devastating moves…but only when it isn’t busy looking dumb. In Pokemon GO and in the main games, however, Psyduck isn’t all that threatening.

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